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AvecPanache Travel specializes in family vacations, group travel cruises, and “Ladies”/“Guys” getaways. As our name suggests, Avec Panache delivers travel “with style and class”, but not breaking the bank. We provide worry-free travel planning, whether you book through our secure booking site or you allow us to plan all the details, your trip is our top priority. AvecPanache is just a phone call (text/email) away in case of any emergency. Don’t think those other online travel booking sites can say that!

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Our Team

Wienia Jeanty

As a legal professional, setting aside some “me” time for even a quick getaway proved to be nerve-wracking. Add to that equation, my rambunctious son; planning the where and trying to understand “why so much” really had me pulling out my hair and days off, sadly turned into “staycations”. Until I realized accumulating days served no purpose, except maybe to give payroll departments “busy” work. Or, saving your days for a major trip, in which case, you’ve come to the right place.

I am aware of the pressures work and family, but I am of no use to myself and or my son if I don’t take time out for Me. And what better education would I be giving my son (a jet-setter since 4 months old), than to see the world (or an island). So allow me to assist in balancing your life… Work hard, play hard! Let’s go!!!

Why Choose Us

Personalized Service

Whether you use our booking engine or have a consultant plan your trip, be assured that your trip will be given top priority.

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First Class Hotels

Budget does not mean “cheap” and as our name suggests, we travel “with panache”.  We would only expect our clients to do the same in 4 and 5 star accommodations!

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Best Price Guarantee

We are committed to finding the best deal for your travel needs within your budget. We believe in providing the “biggest bang for your buck” and making that buck go as far as it can.

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What Customers Say

  • My experience with AvecPanache travel has exceeded my expectations! AvecPanache Travel made my vacation planning smooth and easy.
    New Rochelle, NY
  • Very good choice love the Karisma brand very clean and professional the adult only next door is breathtaking! We also went to Tulum and Xel-Ha.  Already thinking of my next vacation...they are building a nick hotel next door and are expanding generations Thanks for a lovely Hotel You are good 😊 Stephanie
    Stephanie M., Brooklyn, NY
  • OMG!!! SuchLife@NonSuch Bay. Thank you so much, it was awesome!! I want to go back with my husband (no kids) so keep me in mind for July 2018.  Your customer service was excellent...thank you!!! GiGi
    Gigi A., Baldwin, NY

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